4 levels of daily kaizen: Part I of II

BY KIA - 2016-03-05

Many organizations are not able to achieve the desired results after implementation of Kaizen/ Lean and one of the reasons for this is the inability to sustain the improvements.

Improvements are done in order to address the problem, however without inappropriate control measures improvements are bound to slide back. Reasons: Switch in focus, lack of buy-in of the process owner, quality of improvements done, lack of accountability, eagerness to close the project, lack of top-management inclination, etc.

4 levels of daily kaizen

Daily KAIZEN is the model that helps to change Gemba behaviors & culture. It helps to sustain improvements done as it is focused on

1.    Changing behaviors in line with Kaizen approach

2.    Involve all employees in frequent Kaizen actions (improvements)

3.    Kaizen Leadership by the Gemba leaders

4.    Facilitate implementation of Work Standards

5.    Control Key KPI´s on a frequent basis and Act immediately with countermeasures

6.    Create a culture of Continual Improvement  

 Level 1: Team Organization


  • Standardized team meetings
  • Clearly defined team mission & KPI's
  • Responsibilities assigned to team members

Standard Improvement Tools

  • Mission & Metrics
  • Standards for equipment
  • PDCA Visual

Level 2: Workplace Organization


  • Basic organization of the work spaces
  • Maintaning organized work spaces

Standard Improvement Tools

  • 5S
  • Responsibilities matrix
  • Training plan

Level 3: Best Practice SDCA


  • Adoption of the best methods
  • Reduction of the time Wasted
  • Walk the talk (Follow the standards)

Standard Improvement Tools

  • SDCA Process (Standardization)
  • Confirmation of processes

Level 4: PDCA Improvement


  • Resolve difficult Problems
  • Simplify and optimize the work flow

Standard Improvement Tools

  • Structured problem solving
  • Process mapping

Gemba Kaizen