4 levels of daily kaizen: Part II of II

BY KIA - 2016-03-11

Stages of implementation of Daily KAIZEN

Implementing the KAIZEN™ agenda requires seven sequential steps which apply to each of the four levels.

Each level follows the same steps:

•       Develop the pilot team: form a team (pilot) at the level of Daily KAIZEN™ and implement this level with the            team

•       Prepare the manual: prepare a manual with the lessons learned from the pilot implementation

•       Train the leaders: train the leaders of the organization at the level of Daily KAIZEN™ and developed manual

•       Form the teams: leaders form their teams using the manual as a guide

•       Monitor: Kaizen Institute supports the teams and helps them make improvements

•       Audit: carry out an audit to realize the degree of maturity of each team

•       Level: a sharing session takes place between teams from the same area of the organization


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