The 12th KAM KAIZEN Event

BY KIA - 2016-05-20

Over the past 11 years, the KAM KAIZEN™ Event in Kenya has presented - New concepts, Fresh ideas, Inspiring keynote speakers and offered Kenyan organizations an Opportunity to showcase their kaizen success stories!.

This year in the 12th edition, we present two tracks.


Theme: Kaizen for New Product Development & Better Project Management

Kaizen as applied to manufacturing is understood, appreciated and sustained across quite a number of mature Kenyan manufacturers.

How does one go beyond manufacturing? Can Kaizen crash Lead Time in New Product Development or in Project Management?

Multiple projects – be it a construction project; startup of a greenfield/ new factory; launch of a new ERP; or launch of a new product/ service -  often suffer from time and cost overruns!  How does Kaizen support efficient Project Management so that projects run on-time & error-free?

This is an opportunity to get exposed to contemporary concepts, tools and practices relating to application of Kaizen principles to Project Management! Hear from senior consultants from Kaizen Institute (ex-Toyota) and gain insights to this new domain!


Theme: National Case Study Competition 

With probably over 100+ Kenyan manufacturers exposed to kaizen and many actively pursuing it; this case-study track offers an opportunity to kaizen practicing companies to:

Share – Learn – Challenge and win the National Kaizen Case Study Competition  2016!

We invite Kaizen practicing companies to nominate their best case studies (maximum 2 case-studies permitted per manufacturing unit). 

Applicants will submit their case in a prescribed format and a jury will evaluate & select the top-most cases studies! Do write to us to know more or to register.

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