7 steps to Transforming an Organization - Part II of VII

BY ICFAI - 2016-10-21

Creating a guiding Coalition

Often, programs aimed at change or renewal  get the support of only a few people and resources. In the initial stage this may be sufficient, but to progress, and attain successful change, wider support through additional resource and people are essential. Generally, a coalition is formed to guide change in an organization. This coalition usually comprises the CEO and his team of senior managers, and other managers and employees. The coalition should be powerful enough, in terms of titles, information, expertise, reputations and relationships, to guide change in the organization. Whenever possible, the coalition should try to engage board members, union leaders, and even key customers, to gain backing for bringing in the necessary changes.

The guiding coalition in a firm does not always include the senior management. Some times it has to operate outside the normal hierarchy (a coalition outside the normal hierarchy is chosen because the hierarchy no longer meets the purpose). Such a coalition has to operate beyond set boundaries, expectations and protocol. Thos way of operating may pose additional challenges.

A sense of urgency among managers eases the process of creating a guiding coalition. This sense of urgency at the managerial level helps the top leadership to bring suitable managers together, and promote a shared understanding of company’s problem and threats. Such an understanding creates trust and facilitates clear communication among the coalition members. Undertaking an off-site retreat for two to three days is a popular method for promoting a shared understanding.

Organizations that succeed are characterized by teamwork at the top. The high-level team is led by a powerful line manager, and not by a staff executive. Without a powerful leader at the top and equally powerful coalition, the forces opposing change can easily defeat the forces for change.

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Acknowledgement: Leadership & Change Management book by ICFAI

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