7 steps to Transforming an Organization - Part VII of VII

BY ICFAI - 2016-12-02

Consolidating Change

Any major change takes time to take effect.Many factors influence the movement towards change. if there is a turnover of some principal change agents, this reduces the momentum of change. a similar problem arises when the change leaders in the organization are exhausted by their efforts. short-term wins help the firm continue in the direction of change with the same momentum. but if short-term wins help the firm continue in the direction of change with the same momentum. but if short-term wins are celebrated too much, this can lead to a reduction in the sence of urgency. once this urgency is lost,forces opposing the change take over, and derail the change process.

change does not take place easily. there are two reasons for this: changing corporate culture is extremely difficult (this aspect is discussed in detail below); and the interconnections between the different parts of the organization make it difficult to change anything without changing everything.

One part of the organization influences decision making in another part of the organization either directly or indirectly. in order to bring about change in an organization, it is usually not enough to change a particular element in the organization. Several elements in the organization need to be changed at the same time.

In the phase of consolidation, the guiding coalition attempts to cash in on the credibility generated through short-term wins. it does so by taking up larger change projects. more people are brought into change mode to promote and bring in more changes. the top leadership makes an effort to ensure clarity in the shared purpose of change, and maintain a sense of urgrncy. people from the lower levels of the organization also start initiative, and provide leadership in specific projects. senior managers attempt to remove redundant interdependencies to make change easy both in the short term and the long term. 

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