Frequent Small Improvements (Daily Kaizen)

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Many organisations implement lean through projects, build system, and assign continuous improvement experts to expand the improvements. Project-driven improvement is not true continuous improvement involving everyone, every day, everywhere. The Daily Kaizen system engages the creativity of people at all levels to improve their own work. Not only does this help to sustain operational effectiveness, it improves teamwork.

The maintenance and improvement of workplace standards is a daily activity that must be done by the natural teams who are closest to the work. Daily Kaizen is a methodology to develop teams by practicing the daily routines such as:


  • Monitoring standards
  • Rapid problem solving to return performance to the standard
  • Identifying potential improvements to the standard
  • Problem solving in order to raise the standard
  • Performance review at local team boards to engage people’s creativity further


As these practices become habit, performance improvements are sustained and further developed, creating a positive feedback loop that promotes the cultural change process. The benefits of Daily Kaizen are:


  • Align objectives top to bottom across the organization
  • Improve communication
  • Create mechanisms for quick problem solving
  • Ownership of standards set and maintained by local teams
  • Minimize the impact of unforeseen events on the day-to-day
  • Support the improvements made in Project Kaizens
  • Foster the creation of a continuous improvement culture


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Benefits of Daily Kaizen are:

  • Ensure the alignment of objectives through the organisation;
  • Improve communication;
  • Create mechanisms for quick solving problems;
  • Creation of Standards and increase team productivity;
  • Minimize the impact of unforeseen events on the day-to-day;
  • Support the improvements made in Projects;
  • Foster the creation of a continuous improvement culture

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