Total Productive Management Foundations

This two-day Total Productive Maintenance (Foundations) training is based on Lean principals from Toyota.

Learn about the 8 pillars of the TPM system and how to identify the main losses in production and maintenance. Participants will be trained in the application of the TPM methods such as autonomous and planned maintenance in order to increase the effectiveness of machines and equipment.

Learn proper KAIZEN methods for improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Observe how Management, Operations and Maintenance can work together and learn how TPM can provide a rapid return on investment.


This seminar helps participant to:

• Understand how TPM is used as a management system to improve efficiency in production and maintenance.

• Learn how to apply the TPM methods, specifically autonomous and planned maintenance, for achieving higher machine and equipment availability.

• Introduce TPM in their organization and to develop an action plan for implementation and sustainability.



• Introduction of the TPM system

• Kobetsu Kaizen.

• Systematic reduction of losses and waste.

• 5S

• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for production (OEE).

• Key Performance Indicators for maintenance (MTBF/MTTR).

• Target-oriented employee qualification.

• Levels of Autonomous Maintenance.

• Levels of Planned Maintenance.

• Introduction of an audit system for sustainability.

target group

This seminar is for:

• Individuals involved in maintaining, operating or managing various types of plants, machinery, industrial equipment or similar assets.

• People striving to gain a better understanding of how to improve their asset management.

Date04-06. Sep
Price215000 HUF



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