TPM Basics


The goal of the seminar is to get acquainted with the TPM® system (8 columns), the TPM® major losses and the methods of autonomous maintenance. Participants can; contribute to the implementation of TPM®; prevent production disruptions, by applying KAIZEN methods and additionally know that comprehensive data collection (visual management) is necessary to combat disruptions.


- TPM® model and philosophy

- Implementation of a TPM® system

- Systematic reduction of the 16 major losses

- Data collection in the production

- (OEE)

- Autonomous maintenance 1 – 3

- Roles and tasks of maintenance - or "the journey to planned maintenance"

- Measurements for Maintenance

- 12 steps as taught by JIPM (in overview)

- Specialization of Step 1 to 7 (TPM® implementation and activities at Gemba)


Start Day 1 at 10.00

End Day 3 at 16.30

target group

- Employees from production and maintenance

- Leaders responsible for the implementation and control of TPM® measures.

- KAIZEN coordinators who support the planning and implementation of a TPM® philosophy.

Date21-23. Oct
Price1590 EUR

Bad Homburg


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