Kaizen Communication and Leadership Skills

A 4 day program focusing on the key leadership attributes of Decision Making, Courage, Clarity, Drive, Generosity and Planfulness.
The course curriculum also includes a study on the differences in generations existing in the workplace.
We apply basic Lean principles in concert with solid communication and personality tools to allow leaders to embrace the "Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect" portion of the Gemba Walk.
This is the foundation of achieving a workplace with the "engaged employee" at its center.


Understand and be competent with:

Personality Types

Understanding Organizational and Personal Values

Systemic Thinking and the 5 Whys process.

Decision Making approaches.

Conversation types.

Communication skills.

Conflict Management.

Holding difficult conversations.

Steps to building Lean teams.

Generational differences in the work place.

Feedback and employee engagement.


This program is designed for team leaders in the early stage of their career. It would also be very useful for people with leadership in their future, and anyone seeking to increase self-awareness and communication skills. It consists of a 4-day in classroom training session. The program includes personality testing, conflict management style and conversational style testing.

Case studies and role playing are included as part of developing skill in the focus area.

target group

This should be required training for people new to the leadership function, but is very useful for those looking to become leaders as well as anyone seeking to increase self-awareness and communication skills.

Date16-20. Sep
Price1995 CAD



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