KAIZEN™ Project Management

Training attendees will get knowledge on KAIZEN™ - Continuous Improvement and Lean Management methodology. After completing the training, the KAIZEN ™ manager should be able to identify and analyze existing problems, elaborate structural problem-solving tools in congruence with the company's long-term objectives. The training attendee should also be able to introduce Lean management and continuous improvement practices to ensure project’s efficient management. The training is not limited to only sharing theoretical material, but also provides hands-on experience and encourages attendees to practically apply acquired skills for the successful project’s implementation. The training participants learn the classical way on how to create and successfully implement projects.


Seminar participants will have an opportunity to get familiar with the principles of Lean project management through KaizenTM Methodology - initially introduced by Toyota company. The seminar will deepen attendees’ qualification in Lean management tools i.e. efficient, cost-effective management principles and simultaneously, stimulate the deployment of Kaizen approaches in their own companies, guaranteeing increase in productivity in parallel with resource savings.


- Project Management Fundamentals

- Project management design

- Critical distribution of project resources

- Project implementation life cycle

- Defining project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

- The Lean Leader and project’s leadership

- Project Planning through "Critical Path Method"

- Information flow within the project

- Project Lean Management

- Arranging the Obeya room

- Risk analysis and mitigation

- Project control

- Project completion

target group

Top and Middle level Managers of the public and private sector companies from manufacturing as well as from service fields.

However, as the Kaizen deployment encourages overall employee engagement, attending this training is reasonable for any position employee of the company.

Date10-14. Jun
Price1450 GEL



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