KAIZEN™ Practitioner

The KAIZEN™ Practitioner seminar is designed to help understand the basic principles of the following KAIZEN™ ways of working and that is:

1. Understanding KAIZEN™ and how to implement sustainable within your workplace

2. Understanding of KAIZEN™ Change Management Model

3. Able to utilize the four main approach of Plan-Do-Check-Act

4. Able to use common Kaizen tools such as GEMBA, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Operating, Daily KAIZEN™ whilst learning Kaizen tools and techniques, as well as their practical application in the workplace. Kaizen tools seek to solve problems through scientific methods, based on teamwork. It is a daily improvement of all employees and all company operations.


* Understanding the main 5 pillars of Kaizen Change Management

* Understanding Stakeholder Management, and drive for changes and creating business changes through A3

* Understanding problems through PLAN approach through VOC, Gemba, SIPOC, Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping and 7 QC Tools

* Understanding DO approach through Solutions such as (Waste, NVA, Cause and Effect Diagram, One-Piece Flow, Kanban, Build-In Quality, Risk matrix, and Heijunka to prioritize action plan and accountability

* Understanding Check approach through before and after implementation and create a Daily Management principles to monitor make small changes in upon solutions are in placed.

* Understanding Act approach to ensure sustainable improvements through assessments and changes in behaviors

target group

Anyone interested in learning the basics about implementing Continuous Improvement in their workplace using Kaizen tools and techniques.

Date09-11. Jul
LanguageEnglish - English
Price830 MYR

Subang Jaya


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