Kaizen Institute has pioneered, innovated and led in the operational excellence consultancy field. The Kaizen Institute is a global organization which provides consulting services to companies represented in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East and America.

Kaizen Institute Africa is part of a global team of experienced lean professionals with a passion to support our clients in their lean journey. We can support companies of all sizes & industrial segments as well as private and public service organizations. Whether you are new to the lean journey, already on your lean journey or if you have advanced on your lean journey our 30+ years of experience in more than 50 countries will renew your vision. 

In a nutshell we can Support Organizations Build A Sustainable LEAN CULTURE Towards Faster; Error Free and Cost Efficient OPERATIONS Through The Kaizen Way.

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5 steps to Operational Excellence | Kaizen in Farm | Kaizen in Supply Chain

Our portfolio encompasses the areas of Consulting, Training, Benchmarking and Qualification. Our target audience can be found on all levels of management as well as specialist and line level employees. We deliver sustainable results by partnering with clients to transfer knowledge, wisdom and skills to ensure long-term success. You benefit in the market from our competencies by:

• Reduced throughput times

• Increased frequency of inventory turnover

• Reduced inventory 

• Extended human capital knowledge base

• Improved flexibility

• Optimum quality

• Reduced manufacturing costs

• Improved productivity

• Shorter term Return on investment (ROI)






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