Kaizen Institute  Africa has concluded Kaizen Foundation Training at MAN, Nigeria.

“A company that cannot successfully implement the 5S's cannot expect to effectively integrate JIT, re-engineering, or any other large-scale change. Good workplaces develop beginning with the 5S's. Bad workplaces fall apart beginning with the 5S's.”
- Hiroyuki Hirano

Total flow management training has been on-going in Nairobi Kenya with participants from different sectors and participants from Kenya and Congo. The training impacts skills on mapping various information and material flows and identifying waste and improvement opportunities.

Kaizen institute training methodology is very unique full of practical tools and assimilation games to enhance understanding and an insight tour to support deeper understanding. This year we visited Kariki farm to do value stream mapping in the pack house.

Certified Kaizen Practitioner Training kicked off today at Golden Tulip Hotel Nairobi Kenya with participants from the food and beverage , Agriculture, hygiene products and motor vehicle sectors. The training has 3 modules: Kaizen Foundations, Total flow management taking place in October 9-12 and Total Productive Maintainance In November. So far more than 400 participants have been certified in Kenya.

The training equips the participants with knowledge and skills in leading operational efficiency initiatives in companies to eliminate waste.

Registration is on-going for TFM and TPM contact us through bkithinji@kaizen.com

Main Focus areas of this GKW were

  1. Workstation Design
  2. Line Balancing
  3. Standardisation of Stem Length as well as cut stage length From Green House to Packhouse
  4. Supermarket Design
  5. Visual Management of remote cold storage’s

Recently Kaizen Institute Africa's Director went to M.P.Shah Hospital @Nairobi for Leader KAIZEN™ Visit.

Leader KAIZEN™ is something that helps to develop skills & capability of the management teams and develop leadership for culture change.

Manufacturing Excellence, being On Time, In Full & Error Free is a major hurdle confronting manufacturers in a global market place. Challenges they face are well known: the need to improve quality, reduce through put time (TPT) increase productivity, stimulate process improvements, etc., however, are unaware about the process gaps between them & their competitors.

Kaizen Institute has developed KAIZEN™ Change Model (KCM) that helps organizations improve, transform or change in a better and a structured way. This model accelerates the chances of improving & sustaining those improvements if used in the right way. KCM evolved from experiential learning of Kaizen Institute. Kaizen Institute operates in 30+ countries from 30+ years and based on this experiential learning this model is developed.

KCM includes 5 key building blocks or pillars that helps organizations to achieve manufacturing excellence (ME) or business excellence (BE)

  1. Set KAIZEN™ Targets
  2. Support KAIZEN™ (SK)
  3. Project KAIZEN™ (PK)
  4. Leader KAIZEN™ (LK)
  5. Daily KAIZEN™ (DK)

Thank you delegates for making this event successful. Without you this event would not have been possible. We would also like to thank the presenter companies i.e. Associated Battery Manufacturers Ltd, Blowplast Ltd, Connix, Hybrid Poultry Farm Ltd, Kariki Limited, London Distillers Ltd, PZ Cussons Ltd, Unga Holdings Ltd  for sharing your experience.

This year it was the 14th KAM - KAIZEN™ Event and KAM & Kaizen Institute has been doing this from last 14 years in row. We had participation from various organizations & industries and there were 55+ delegates who attended the event on both the days.

We once again thank all of you for making this event successful and we look forward to see you all next year too!

Presentation at the world food program on Operational excellence in the supply chain-The Kaizen way

Kaizen Institute Africa introduced KAIZEN™and KCM model to the top management team during the preparatory workshop at Flour Mills of Ghana 

Participants were Trained on the following topics.

  1. 7 Types of flows inside a Hospital
  2. 5S for Hospitals
  3. Muda, Muri, & Mura
  4. Kaizen Change Model

Participants played many games like Star Game, Beeping Square Game, Tap the No Game, 5S No Game to Understand various topics through these games .


Recently we concluded Two days of Training Program at Lagos with very good feedback from all participants.


Finished with Train the Trainer Module 3 program at yangon, Myanmar. This program consisted of modules on productivity improvement tools like IE concepts, 3 Mu's , Value stream mapping, TPM foundations, layout improvement and line balancing

The main Takeaways from the workshop were

  1. Forming Natural Teams on Gemba and Cascading the Farm Kpi” s to Natural Teams Kpi”s
  2. Standardisation of Farms from Block level to Bed levels.
  3. Hourly Monitoring of Production from Packhouse to Cold Room

We have Announced Two day Training at Lagos on 4th and 5th  May 2018. below are topics to be covered.

  • Kaizen/ Operational Excellence
  • Why Kaizen? 3 Mu's, Performance Measures
  • Sustenance Methods. creating Flow, Introduction to TPM
  • Kaizen Change Model

To know more please contact us on +234 70 6502 9607 or write us on juwaifo@kaizen.com 

19 Apr. 2018

Announcing 14th KAM-KAIZEN™ Event on 12th & 13th July 2018 @Nairobi

The benchmark tours is an integral part of the Continual Improvement journey of any organization committed to excellence. This experience provides delegates with a real insight of KAIZEN™/ Operational Excellence. delegates from different companies visited PZ Cussons site. We thank the host site for allowing us to visit their site & share their experience & insight about their continual improvement journey. Without their support & hospitality this tour would have not been possible. To read more on Benchmark Tour click here

Key Outcomes of the Workshop:

  1. Developing Obeya Room.
  2. Developing Natural Teams Boards.
  3. Formation of Natural Teams, Steering Committee, & Kaizen Promotion Office.

Kaizen Institute presents an opportunity for senior leaders and decision makers to understand how successful organizations attain operational excellence through Lean Methodology & Kaizen thinking!

To know more Click Here

225 participants from India, Africa and UAE. 70 companies and 3 tracks!


Kaizen Institute consultants visits for a Gemba Kaizen workshop at a Rose flower farm in Baringo Country (Kenya).


British Investor Owned Tanzanian Gas Power Plant Songas initiated 5S company wide campaign with the support of Kaizen Institute.

To generate awareness & train people on 5S (known as 5K in Swahili Language), a guide with 5S knowledge and photos was prepared and distributed company wide.


 Kaizen Institute Director Visits a leading flower farm in Kenya for a Co- Design workshop for Phase 2 Kaizen Roadmap.

Certified KAIZEN™ Practitioner Module concluded in Nairobi Kenya. The module comprises of:

1. KAIZEN™ Foundations

2. Total Flow Management (TFM) - Basics.

3. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM®) - Basics.

To know more contact us: https://goo.gl/eysMvA


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