The main Takeaways from the workshop were

  1. Forming Natural Teams on Gemba and Cascading the Farm Kpi” s to Natural Teams Kpi”s
  2. Standardisation of Farms from Block level to Bed levels.
  3. Hourly Monitoring of Production from Packhouse to Cold Room

We have Announced Two day Training at Lagos on 4th and 5th  May 2018. below are topics to be covered.

  • Kaizen/ Operational Excellence
  • Why Kaizen? 3 Mu's, Performance Measures
  • Sustenance Methods. creating Flow, Introduction to TPM
  • Kaizen Change Model

To know more please contact us on +234 70 6502 9607 or write us on juwaifo@kaizen.com 

19 Apr. 2018

Announcing 14th KAM-KAIZEN™ Event on 12th & 13th July 2018 @Nairobi

The benchmark tours is an integral part of the Continual Improvement journey of any organization committed to excellence. This experience provides delegates with a real insight of KAIZEN™/ Operational Excellence. delegates from different companies visited PZ Cussons site. We thank the host site for allowing us to visit their site & share their experience & insight about their continual improvement journey. Without their support & hospitality this tour would have not been possible. To read more on Benchmark Tour click here


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