I was totally blown from my feet when we went through data on each department and at the effort and improvement they had made since the last review. Figures are showing that every department has almost reached the new profit targets. During our Gemba walks, we have started seeing charts, monitoring of performance and setting up of system of getting customers’ score on  satisfaction. To crown all this, for the first time since Kaizen started, the Chairman commented to me personally that he had never expected that Kaizen or implementation of Kaizen could make so much difference in 12 months!

You have succeeded and have set M. P. Shah Hospital on a route to make it possibly the most cost effective and efficient medical institute in Kenya

                                               Arun Devani, Donor to the project, M P Shah Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya & Chairman, Synresins Ltd.


“The Kaizen Institute has supported Transcorp Hotels Plc to adopt and deploy Kaizen across its two Properties – the Transcorp Hilton Abuja and Transcorp Hotels Calabar- and it helped us improve our operations, build the teams’  engagement and tangibly improved our performance, in visible and measurable ways!”

                                                                        Okaima Keke Ohizua, Executive Director – Customer Services, Transcorp Hotels Plc


The memories of those Gemba Kaizen lessons last a long time....I still practice Gemba Kaizen after all these years....even in my private life and it has helped. It was that effective!

                                                                                                                                                   Mr. George Morara Agwata, Kenya


Thank you for accepting to be part of us. You tailored us well throughout all the training sessions.  All the training needs were brought out clearly to the audience.

You made the training to be lovely and lively and all across the board of all members who attended. All have been empowered with Kaizen tools to make BUL a lean company.

                                                                                                                                 Mr. Kennedy Muhavi, Bidco Uganda Ltd., Jinja


Feedback on Certified Kaizen Practitioner training:

Interested in TFM & TPM modules. Waiting for next modules. Excellent learning. Can’t wait to practice it. 

Mr. Vincent Seremba, General Manager, Steel & Tubes, Kampala


Surely  our journey on the Kaizen implemnetation has been amazing, awesome & a major transformation. Thank you to your team. Mr Vinod Grover & you are truly the “gurus“ of Kaizen . 

Mr. Mayur Shah, Senior Executive Director, Kenafric Industries Ltd., Kenya


We have been Practicing Kaizen since 2007. The KAIZEN philosophy is a continual process towards improvement.  We have been recognized by Kaizen Institute as Kaizen Practitioners and twenty of our staff has been awarded Certificates of Kaizen Practitioners.  Indeed, this principle has brought a great and positive change in all our operations as well as positive change in attitude.

Our focus is to do Kaizen every day as we understand that Kaizen is not separate from our daily work. With continual training and awareness we have managed to stay ahead as Kaizen Practitioners. We have ensured continual improvement that is focused at eliminating non value adding activities in our processes and systems.

Mr. Chehar Shah, Executive Director, Kenafric Industries Limited


 I have attended many training in Indonesia regarding the same subject and I must admit that your team is high class team that teaches kaizen and 5S as it is meant to be taught. You guys are a high class act. I am really impressed by what I saw and heard.

Mr. Bahig Fattah, GM, Battery manufacturing


One of our reactors, which was constantly giving us nightmares and losses due to unscheduled breakdowns, we managed to reduce from 18-19 breakdowns a year to 2 in 2005 with the Kaizen art of detecting problems at the gemba.

We have reduced our Finished Products inventory by over 30%...

For imported raw-materials, we have reduced demurrage costs by below 10% of the previous level, and have had significant reduction in stock-outs. These were severely affecting our volumes, costs and reputation in the past.

We continue to work with Kaizen, and recommend it to any organisation.

Arun Dewani, MD, Synresins


We doubled our production in fine beans. We reduced our diesel cost by 50%. We improved our efficiency in various projects.

BUT the most important thing was…. IT CREATED TEAM WORK. Staff which believed that they were over worked, over pushed realized that the potential to achieve more than they can dream of is actually a possibility.

I know I am selling KAIZEN, but after the first workshop you will understand why as well.

Peeush Mahajan, MD, Vegetable Farming


"In such a short time, we have saved all the money we invested into this project and this trend of savings is going to continue for a lifetime, making us truly competitive"

Rajiv Raja, Director, Sanpac Africa Ltd


".....I am pleased to inform you that while on a visit to Mombasa earlier this week, I was enthusing about the remarkable benefits that Kaizen intervention has brought to Steelwool to my very good friends, Sanjay and Sandip Chandi of Kitchen King Ltd. They were suitably impressed, and even more impressed when I informed them of the cluster approach and financing arrangements from IFC and AMSCO...."

Bijesh Shah, Director, Steelwool Africa


Using the celebrated Japanese way of management Gemba Kaizen, with the help of the Kaizen Institute, our firm has effectively become a key player in the export of iron roofing sheets…. 

Kaushik Shah, CEO, Mabati Rolling Mills


The Kaizen was great in many respects as I witnessed within my team – an urge to make a difference, an aggression to achieve targets and of course, build up of team spirits. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the Kaizen projects as I can see remarkable improvement in my team performance. I am very hopeful that my team will exceed all expectations.

I must thank you once again for bringing in the right techniques & tools to us for eliminating waste and giving us a direction to organize ourselves & our work systematically.

Salah Saif Bin, Manager Real Estate Department, Dry docks World Dubai


PKW has had 3 consecutive months with a +ve Net Profit. The business has turned around. Orders are flowing in…

When we started off with Kaizen, we needed to change the work culture of PKW and I am glad to say that this plant has made a paradigm shift in its work culture, production processes etc.; and has been hailed by our chairman as one of his best plants…

What a change in scenario!!!

Venu Nair, CEO, Pardini Kaluworks


On behalf of Chairman, Board of Directors, senior managers and staff of Kenafric Industries, I would like to “congratulate” you and “thank” you for our association, which is one of its kind. We are very proud to be associated with you. All the MDs were present …...

Your professional views were articulate and all the members of Kenafric Industries were very impressed and most importantly, satisfied and happy.

Mayur Shah, MD, Kenafric Group










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