Kaizen Certification for different competency levels

Kaizen Institute offers widely recognised third party certification for individuals in various continuous improvement roles.

Kaizen Practitioner

For those who need basic knowledge to actively participant in Kaizen Workshops.


Kaizen Coach

For those who need to know how to conduct and lead Kaizen workshops. 


Kaizen Manager

For those who will drive and manage the Continuous Improvement System.




Kaizen Coach

The role of Kaizen Institute instructors is to:

  • Coach and develop the training and facilitation skills of trainees
  • Jointly oversee the improvement projects of your trainees
  • Mentor the trainees through successful hands-on projects
  • Certify trainees to be self-sufficient improvement leaders
  • Gemba exercices on the client
  • Improved team spirit
  • Client tailered made scheduel 


The successful continuous improvement leader will not only demonstrate the ability to lead projects and deliver business results in safety, quality, delivery cost, cash and employee engagement, they will also become the “viral agents” within the organization to spread continuous improvement as trainers, coaches and cross-functional kaizen event leaders.

Certifed Kaizen Practitioners (CKP)

Click to view the list of participants who enrolled for and are certified as Certified Kaizen Practitioners by Kaizen Institute

1. GIAD, Sudan from 29th Aug. to 10th Sep. 2015

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