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Kaizen Institute India has launched open/ public training programs. The objective is to support professionals enhance their skill sets through contemporary practical learning experiences.

The course content are continuously updated by Lean Transformation & Operational excellence experts who teach & practice Lean in different sectors.

Advantage for participants:

Our training programs are structured on the basic principle “TRUE LEARNING COMES FROM USING YOUR HANDS & NOT JUST YOUR EARS. 
For participants it is “more of application & less instructions”
Participants learn through Group Works, Simulation Games & Gemba Visits.
Post training the participants will find it easy to apply the learningin their work place.

Advantage for employers:

Skill enhancement of your employees by Kaizen Institute experts who teach & practice Lean in different sectors. 
Examples, Videos, Case Studies shared during the programs are from the REAL GEMBA with REAL DATA. 
The case studies give an idea to the participants “how different Lean tools / concepts could be applied in different industries / sectors”.
Post training once the participants start applying the tools in your work place, it not only improves the operations but also boosts the morale of the employees and over a period of time they become coach/ leader for some of the tools learnt. 

Download Calendar:

Kenya 2018 >> | Nigeria 2018 >>

Why Kaizen Institute as your training partner?

1.    Founded in 1985 by Sensei Masaaki Imai, author of KAIZEN™ and GEMBAKAIZEN™

2.    30+ years of worldwide Kaizen & Lean transformation experience

3.    30+ business units operating in more than 50 countries

4.    450+ consultants

5.    The longest-running Lean consulting firm with the best global coverage

6.    Operational excellence expert

7.    Standardize global delivery methodology

Our pedagogy *

Pedagogy is the "how" the training and learning occurs. Participants are not empty vessels to be filled with expert knowledge. They must construct their own understandings through considered learning experiences which happens through our 4G model;

1.     Simulation game: To demonstrate the basic concepts of Kaizen/ Lean/ Operational excellence

2.     Group work: To think, share and learn

3.     Gemba visits: Learn by going to the real place

4.     Guest faculty: For sharing their experiences & case studies with application of the subject knowledge

* depending upon the time availability & the topic of the program, we will try & use at least 2 G’s.

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