Just in Time - Basics


The goal of the seminar is to familiarize participants with the objectives and methods of the Just in Time philosophy. You can systematically analyze process and design the workflows to fit your needs. The learned methods enable the production to adapt to changing customer requirements and to achieve the vision of the "Zero inventory factory".


- The basis of a just-in-time production

- Recognize losses of overproduction and inventory

- From batch to flow production

- Focus on customer takt and One Piece Flow

- Types of line layouts (ie. U-Shape Layout)

- Ergonomics in the workplace

- Standard work

- Line logistics

- Basis for a PULL system

- Basics of Kanban

- Supermarket principles

- Simulation (full scale, live) for JIT, Kanban and Mizusumashi


Start Day 1 at 10.00

End Day 3 at 16.30

target group

All persons responsible for the introduction and implementation of JIT and KAIZEN measures. Specialists and team leaders from the areas of production, production control, planning and logistics as well as Lean and KVP representatives.

Date04-06. Sep
Price1590 EUR

Bad Homburg


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