KAIZEN Foundations

The Kaizen Foundations seminar is designed to help understand the basic principles of operational excellence, whilst learning Kaizen tools and techniques, as well as their practical application in the workplace.
Kaizen tools seek to solve problems through scientific methods, based on teamwork. It is a daily improvement of all employees and all company operations.


While attending this seminar, you will:

• Learn how to overcome natural resistance to change and develop an attitude that is open to new ideas

• Get to know how to identify and measure waste

• Learn the Kaizen (continuous improvement) foundations

• Get to know Kaizen principles and tools for problem-solving and the improvement of processes

• Get to know successful Case Studies of implementing a Continuous Improvement Culture



• Introduction to Kaizen and Kaizen Management System

• Kaizen Foundations

• Paradigms and resistance to change

• MUDA (waste) and Added Value

• KCM Model: Kaizen Change Management

• Case Studies

• 5S, Standardization and 3C

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target group

This seminar is for:

Anyone interested in learning the basics about implementing Continuous Improvement in their workplace using Kaizen tools and techniques.

Date20-22. Nov
Price215000 HUF



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