The 13th KAM KAIZEN™ Event

The 13th edition of KAM-KAIZEN™ Event is back with two value adding tracks i.e. Knowledge Sessions & KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours.

This year the theme of the event is "Supply Chain Excellence for Business Excellence."

We have been organizing this event successfully from last 12 years and this is the 13th year in a row. This event has become one of the most important annual gatherings for professionals in Kaizen, Lean or Operational Excellence domain. This event will give you an opportunity to Learn (via Knowledge Session), Network with like-minded professionals and See (via KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours) the best practices live.

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While Kaizen/ Lean is understood & applied in MAKE (manufacturing) part of the value chain…with significant benefits...there is a gold mine of opportunity to tap by applying The KAIZEN™ Way in the BUY > DISTRIBUTE > LOGISTICS component of the value chain. Since this year's theme focuses on Supply Chain domain, it will give an opportunity to supply chain/ logistics/ distribution professional to learn, how to, 

Identify & cut waste in 

- Incoming logistics

- Warehousing - inbound

- Internal logistics

- Outbound logistics

- Distribution


Space > Carrying Cost > Losses


Speed > Flexibility > Visibility

KAIZEN™ in Supply Chain can provide ways to take next step ahead in an increasingly complex marketplace. This can support a more efficient and effective supply chain management process that can integrate & improve areas such as purchasing, general operations, & distribution.

Block your dates & be there on 22nd & 23rd June 2017!

The 12th KAM KAIZEN™ Event

We are glad to share that we have concluded our 12th KAM KAIZEN™ Event with 70+ participants from across various organizations. The objective of the event was to Learn – Share – Network with like-minded people. This year there was two value adding tracks plus an inspiring opening & closing keynote address by Mr. Guy Jack (CEO, ABM Group) and Mr. Shridhar Venkat (CEO of The Akshaya Patra Foundation) respectively.

Track 1: Knowledge sessions on Kaizen for New Product Development & Better Project Management. Various sessions were run in order to provide How does one go beyond manufacturing? Can Kaizen crash Lead Time in New Product Development or in Project Management?

Kaizen, as applied to manufacturing, is understood, appreciated and sustained across quite a number of mature Kenyan manufacturers but how does it go beyond was a big question.

Track 2: National Case Study Competition

Applications were invited from Kaizen practicing organizations to Share – Learn – Challenge and win the National Kaizen Case Study Competition. 12 best case studies were selected and presented in front of the jury.

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The 11th KAM KAIZEN™ Event

It was in 2005 that we launched the 1st Kaizen Institute annual Kaizen event (in collaboration with KAM) in Kenya, and it seems like yesterday!   We are pleased to share that we just concluded a well attended 11th version of this annual event!

Yes, it has been 11 years on the tour! 11 years of Sharing, Learning, Networking – with one thread binding all those who attend – The KAIZEN Spirit! The spirit of Continual Improvement.

The theme this year was: Monozukuri for Hitozukuri (“Product Excellence through Employee Excellence”)

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The 10th Anniversary KAM KAIZEN™ Event

In July 2005, Sensei Masaaki Imai, the founding chairman of Kaizen Institute Consulting Group was in Kenya as a keynote speaker at the first KAM - Kaizen Event. We can now announce with pride & pleasure that he had consented to come back for the 10th Anniversary event and witness the growth of kaizen sapling planted in Kenya.

The theme for this year was REFLECTION on the last decade, PLANNING for the next.

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