Leader Kaizen at M.P.Shah Hospital at Nairobi

19 Jul. 2018

Recently Kaizen Institute Africa's Director went to M.P.Shah Hospital @Nairobi for Leader KAIZEN™ Visit.

Leader KAIZEN™ is something that helps to develop skills & capability of the management teams and develop leadership for culture change.

Manufacturing Excellence, being On Time, In Full & Error Free is a major hurdle confronting manufacturers in a global market place. Challenges they face are well known: the need to improve quality, reduce through put time (TPT) increase productivity, stimulate process improvements, etc., however, are unaware about the process gaps between them & their competitors.

Kaizen Institute has developed KAIZEN™ Change Model (KCM) that helps organizations improve, transform or change in a better and a structured way. This model accelerates the chances of improving & sustaining those improvements if used in the right way. KCM evolved from experiential learning of Kaizen Institute. Kaizen Institute operates in 30+ countries from 30+ years and based on this experiential learning this model is developed.

KCM includes 5 key building blocks or pillars that helps organizations to achieve manufacturing excellence (ME) or business excellence (BE)

  1. Set KAIZEN™ Targets
  2. Support KAIZEN™ (SK)
  3. Project KAIZEN™ (PK)
  4. Leader KAIZEN™ (LK)
  5. Daily KAIZEN™ (DK)


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